When You Tap These Points On Your Body THIS is What Happens

Tapping and using pressure on certain energy points on the body can help alleviate emotional distress, encourage weight loss, and soothe pains.  This self-help technique is easy, it can be done almost anywhere, and it can be done quickly during a moment of anxiety or minor pain for immediate relief.

Tapping works in a twofold manner.  First, you are essentially performing a form of acupressure on yourself.  Secondly, you are using a self-help psychology technique to express certain problems.

Acupressure originated about 5000 years ago in Asia and has since been adopted by many clinicians in the West who seek to offer their patients non-traditional and alternative medical options.

Energy meridians in the body


When you touch the surface of your skin, you activate energy centers underneath it.  Energy can get blocked by both the physical and emotional traumas that we’ve experienced.  Tapping activates the flow of energy, preventing blockages and restoring balance to your body.

Traditional Chinese medicine says there are twelve energy meridians in the body.  Tapping along these meridians releases energy flow, which is vital for blood circulation, and subsequently all important bodily functions.

Self talk to express feelings

An important part of this therapy is expressing the feelings that are manifesting these blockages of energy.  Verbally stating what is bugging you creates an immediate release of tension in addition to the tapping.

After saying what is causing your stress, anger, or depression, you say something genuinely kind to yourself.  Accept yourself in spite of the bad feelings you are experiencing, and then as you tap, you continue to express these inner tensions that are causing suffering.

Here are the steps:

State the problem and tap your hand – Begin by stating what is causing you distress.  An example might be, “I am stressed out about my upcoming job interview, but I love and accept myself.”

While you state this problem and your expression of self-love, use the fingers of one hand to repeatedly tap the outer fleshy edge of the opposite hand, just below the pinky finger.  Use as many fingers to tap as feels comfortable to you and either hand.  Say your statement aloud at least three times while tapping.

Tap your eyebrow – Tap the spot on the inner edge of your eyebrow, where the hair begins growing.  Either side of the head is fine, do whatever feels comfortable.  Again, as you tap, speak openly and honestly about how you feel.  Spend 10 seconds tapping each of the next several points on your body

Tap the outer eye – Tap the outer eye corner on the bone below your outer eyebrow hair on either side of your head, again saying how you feel.

Tap the bone under your eye – Tap your fingers under the eye on the bone, speaking honestly about your feelings.  Tap for 10 seconds.

Tap under your nose – Under the nose and above the lip.  Keep expressing feelings while tapping for ten seconds.

Tap your chin – Tap below the bottom lip, just in the crease of your chin for another ten seconds while stating aloud your genuine feelings.

Tap your collarbone – You can use either side of the body; tap your fingers against your collarbone for ten seconds and say something else that you are feeling.

Tap under your arm – Tap a couple inches down from your armpit, continuing to speak openly and honestly.

Tap the crown of your head – Tap your fingers a final time and talk about the feelings causing you stress.

Take a deep breath in and exhale all of it out

In the video below, Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, shows us the basics of tapping your upper body.  Her book is mainly focused on the emotional aspect of weight gain and how this one easy task can help one refrain from overeating because of stress.