This Big-Eyed Cat Has Actual ‘Puss In Boots’ Face And It’s Melting Our Souls

#1 Character Puss In Boots

The character of Puss In Boots is just so adorable, most everyone wishes they could have a real one.


#2 Real Puss In Boots

Meet Gimo. He’s is as close to the real Puss In Boots as you can get.


#3 Comparison

Just look at Gimo next to his sister cat, Sio. His eyes are enormous compared to hers.


#4 Stuffed Animal

This cat doesn’t look real.


#5 Big Eyes

Can you believe the size of these orbs.


#6 So Cute

Gimo has got to be the cutest cat in the world.


#7 Fluffy

He just begs to be hugged.