Steve Harvey Asks Johanna To Teach Him THIS Dance Move, What She Does Next Has Everyone In STITCHES!

Steve Harvey has a new show called “Little Big Shots” where he brings on little kids who have become overnight sensations and have BIG talent well beyond their years. In this episode he brings out little Johanna who is best known for stealing the show at a recent tap dance recital the summer of 2015. It currently has over 23 MILLION views and it’s still growing!

When Steve had a chance to bring her on the show, I’m sure the producers jumped at the opportunity. She has such a beautiful spirit, a BIG sparkling personality, HUGE talent, and confidence beyond her little experience on this earth. She is definitely going places!

In this video, Steve asks Johanna to show him some of her best moves. He wants to learn, and she does not disappoint. She is on point and nails every single one, and she’s not shy about making sure Steve tries them out, too!


You’ll love every moment of this adorable video. If you haven’t had a chance to see her viral performance, check it out, in the below link, you will absolutely LOVE it:

Steve Harvey Meets “Lil’ Aretha Franklin”

This little girl will steal your heart, she is adorable and SO talented!