Its well known that matter and energy are the same thing presented differently. Physicists at the Imperial College of London are attempting to do what was once thought impossible. It was known that turning light and energy into matter was a possibility but researchers and scientists thought it would be such a difficult task to create an environment to preform the conversion. Using high powered lasers and other modern  equipment, we are on the cusp of achieving that end.

The idea originated in 1934, fashioned by American Physicists Grogory Breit and John Wheeler. They reasoned that, on rare occasions, two photons combine and create am electron and its antimatter counterpart, a positron. Electrons are particles of matter that form the outer shell or cloud of atoms in everyday matter.

Oliver Pike, the lead researcher of the study, said

 ”The Breit-Wheeler process is the simplest way matter can be made from light and one of the purest demonstrations of E=mc2,” 

The process of starts with electrons at a slab of gold to produce a beam of high energy photons. They then take a powerful laser at a tiny gold capsule known as a ‘hohlraum’. Hohlraum is a German word that means empty room. This creates light that is as bright as the the stars. Finally they take the initial photon beams and project them into the hohlraum, where the two streams collide and interact.

This process creates enough energy in a small enough area to create around 100,00 electron-positron pairs. This form of experiment falls neatly into the theories of quantum electrondynamics (QED). The demonstration is posed to occur in the next twelve months.A successful demonstration will encourage physicists who have been fantasizing about using a photon-photon collider to study how subatomic particles behave.  Director of the John Adams Institute at Oxford University, said:

“It’s breathtaking to think that things we thought are not connected, can in fact be converted to each other: matter and energy, particles and light. Would we be able in the future to convert energy into time and vice versa?”

To be clear we are talking about the creation of very small aspects of matter. We won’t see solar rays being turned into couches or tee-shirts anytime soon. The implication are the truly exciting part of this theory. We will be able to quantify how matter, light and energy are the same.