MCHEETA Call Center Phone Corded, Telephone with Headset for Call Center Office, with Hands-free Noise Cancelling Headset & Compact Dialpad

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Product Description

Corded Telephone with Headset & Dialpad is a fully functioning single-line telephone,the combination of Hands-free headphones and noise Cancellation dialpad makes your job more efficient.

Key features

Clear sound
Noise cancellation headset can reduce unwanted background noise, telephone headset hear calls more clearly. Easy to Setup
Connect call center phone to an existing standard telephone jack and insert the telephone headset jack into the dialpad.

Comfortable & Lightweight Headset
Telephone headset soft foam ear cushion, adjustable headband and 330°rotatable microphone boom ,you can hang headphone on the hook without having to keep it on the hand.

FSK/DTMF Caller ID Display
Phone with headset corded can ring or silent when receive incoming calls as well the phone number will be displayed.

Volume Adjustment
Adjust the volume by sliding the wheel of the cordless phone dialpad to achieve the most comfortable listening effect.

Full function
Home desk cordless phone fully functioning ON/OFF, microphone mute, flash and redial buttons make it easy to dial and receive calls.

Widely used
Call center telephone cord with headset microphone provides a good solution for your call center affair, phone sales, telephone counseling services, insurance, hospitals, banks, telecom operators, enterprises.

Mute function
Noise Cancellation dialpad headset microphone call mute function with indicator light.

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