Macklemore Owns A Painting Of Justin Bieber Propping A Pancake On His Business


When the rich and famous buy art, it’s usually something decent. A Picasso or a Monet, for example. But not all follow the trend. In this case, Macklemore really doesn’t.

According to a new profile by Rolling Stone, the rapper’s Seattle studio is decorated with some pretty weird art.

Jonah Weiner, who spent some time with Mack for the article, said “On the ground floor is a recording room with a ton of audio gear, a wall of guitars and racks of outlandish garments spouting sequins, fringe and feathers. “Those are Ben [Haggerty, Macklemore’s real name]’s,” Lewis notes. There is a kitschy velvet painting of a bald eagle, an oil painting of Drake dancing and a transfixing rendition of a naked Justin Bieber with maple syrup pouring down his chest onto a pancake balanced on his boner.” Ben spent a lot of time buying weird stuff on Etsy,” Lewis says.”

Yep. Justin Bieber. Starkers. With a pancake covering his cock.

We’ve got the picture to prove it:


Photo: Dan Lacey/Etsy

I’m gonna pretend I never saw this.