Light Bulb Oil Lamp

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Instructables project:

In making my light bulb oil project based on a photograph I saw on the internet. I will not post the pic here as it may be copyrighted. In my research I tracked the artist down forgot his name this was back in 2013 as I could not find this supposed piece of recycled art that sold for $750.00

In my search to figure out a way to make my own I can across instructables and others who had made their on version or one inspired by it. This allowed me to jump ahead with better understanding.

Step 1: Tools, Parts and Safety

The reason this product is not commercially available or any variation there of is light bulbs are very fragile. If you were to put this into production it would have to be manufactured from the ground up, the glass bulbs would have to be thicker.

I found handling the light bulb to be easy, however safety first. Eye protectionand thick gloves or wrap the bulb in an old towel. Use a box, cardboard, or plastic under the bulb to catch the glass fragments. In the link provided there are various ways to dismantle a light bulb. I have done quite few of these over the years developed my own method. I use these aluminum wick holders there are others I didn’t locate the ones from the inspiration pick.

Tools: Dremel, use these attachments a cut off wheel and grinding stone. Screw driver, ice pick anything to act as a punch, needle nose pliers (in case you need to fish out the element) and salt.

Parts: 2 Burned out incandescent bulbs, 2 magnets, 1 steel plate, black spray paint, rubber feet with sticky adhesive, and aluminum wick holders.

Fuel: Smokeless liquid paraffin lamp oil. Accept no other substitutes!

Picture of DIY Oyule Lamp
A single wick doubled to make it thicker
The Oyule lamp is an oil lamp made of light bulbs from the artist Sergio Silva, who sells them for $650.
I agree that it does look nice, but the materials only cost about $10:
Paraffin oil
A wick
Two burned out light bulbs
A piece of wood
Black gloss paint
Twelve neodymium magnets
(8 small cylindrical magnets, two large cylindrical magnets, two spherical magnets)
EpoxyMy version of this lamp is slightly cheaper than the original though, the differences are listed on the pictures.