Guess Which Pop Superstar Wants To Remake “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” With Madonna

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is a camp classic, pitting real-life rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford against each other as the most demented siblings the cinema has ever seen.

 So, of course it’s due for a remake—and if one pop icon had her way, she’d appear in it alongside the Material Girl.


In an interview with Pride Source, Cyndi Lauper confessed she’d love to go toe to toe with Madge as Blanche and Jane.

“I would’ve loved to do What Ever Happened to Baby Jane with her.—’cause I think that’s very funny!” Lauper said, laughing hysterically. Asked which part she’d take, Lauper roared, “Come on! Who do you think I’d play? I’d play Baby Jane! I’d be torturin’ her. Because she’s always viewed as the bad girl, you know! They’d make her the good girl and I’d be the bad one.”

Take our money now.



The Kinky Boots creator said she’d let Madonna play Crawford’s role in another camp classic,Johnny Guitar. “She’d be the righteous one!”

Lauper, who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, is no fan of Donald Trump—but she says she doesn’t want people to protest his political campaign.

“I think people should vote, for one, and vote for the person they feel is most responsible and can really understand the way the government works right now and make it move forward,” she explains. “Instead of stopping it every frickin’ two minutes and costing people who pay taxes a lot of money.”