Easy Toboggan from a plastic barrel

Picture of Easy Toboggan from a plastic barrel

Perhaps you’re like me, and have always dreamed of making a traditional bent-wood toboggan. However, like me, you realize that doing so requires a lot of time and tools you may not have. So I was thinking . . .

How can I easily make a toboggan that’s both fast to make, and FAST on the slopes?

Ideas began to formulate in my wee brain for a non-traditional toboggan, and after some time in the shop here is the finished result!

This is a wicked-fast toboggan, made simply from the following items:

  • 55-gallon plastic barrel
  • two-by-fours
  • handful of screws
  • rope
  • wax!

This is pretty straight-forward, and only requires a few basic tools. Make sure you’ve got some affordable health care and . . .

Let’s go tobogganing!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

I picked up a used plastic barrel through my local classifieds for $10. It originally held some kind of detergent. Large car wash facilities are a great source for clean-ish barrels like this, for use in diy projects.

I originally planned on using maple wood for the side boards (as shown), but this lumber got appropriated for a different project. So I went with 2x4s instead, which worked out better anyway.