“Damn Daniel” creators donate Vans’ to children in hospital

#1 Helping those in need

Like most viral internet videos, the “Damn Daniel” trend has come and gone, but the creators behind it are using their new found fame to give back to the community. Daniel Laraa took to Twitter to share photos from a recent trip to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Southern California, where he and Josh Holz donated white Vans to patients.


#2 Lifetime supply of Vans

We know Laraa already has a lifetime supply of Vans for himself, but we’re assuming these pairs were at least partially donated by Vans, too. We’re used to people using internet fame for self-promotion, so it’s refreshing to see Laraa and Holz use theirs to bring smiles to children faces.


#3 An example to follow

Here’s to hope more people will take advantage of internet fame to help bring a smile to those who need it most.