Blackheads? some tips from YUYA!

What Causes Blackheads?

Blackheads, called comedones, are plugs of dead skin cells, oil, skin germs, and debris that got stuck in your pores. This stuff is normally present in your pores and is supposed to pass to the surface of your skin where you can wash it off.  The problem is that they got sticky and formed a clump that then got lodged in the pore. This clump gets bigger and harder as it sits there, which makes it more stubborn when you finally start using the right products to treat your blackheads.

Some skin care products actually increase this clumping and are called comedogenic. You definitely want to avoid those. It’s usually the oil in the product that is the problem. Mineral oil and petrolatum (also called Vaseline) in products are particularly comedogenic. Read the ingredients on all the products that you use on your blackhead-prone skin. I find that patients often don’t realize that things like their makeup and sunscreen can contain these oils. I recommend oil free, non-comedogenic products for all my patients who are prone to blackheads.

Interestingly, as common as blackheads are, we still don’t know exactly why they happen on your skin in the first place.  The good news is that even if we don’t know why they happen, we have great products to treat and prevent blackheads.

Never less… try this super easy and good recipe that Yuya share with us.