Back in time: Joan Crawford’s wedding in Englewood Cliffs

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS – This week back in 1935, actress Joan Crawford674710_orig

was married in Englewood Cliffs. She and film star Franchot Tone tied the knot right in the home of Englewood Cliffs’ then-mayor, Herbert Jenkins.

An Oct. 13, 1935, Associated Press article read as follows: “Mayor Herbert Jenkins disclosed tonight he married Franchot Tone and Joan Crawford, film stars, at his home Friday. Mayor Jenkins said the couple motored to Englewood Cliffs from New York Friday morning and that the ceremony was performed at 10 o’clock.”


Jenkins told reporters that the ceremony was a simple one. There were just two witnesses present – movie executives Nicholas Schenck and Leopold Freidman.

“They had a license, so I married them,” Jenkins was quoted as saying. He told the media that he was an old friend of Tone’s.



The 26-year-old Crawford reportedly wore “a blue sports ensemble” and carried a bouquet, while 30-year-old Tone wore a gray striped business suit. The bridegroom gave his bride a white gold wedding band set with emeralds and diamonds.

“She was smiling and happy,” Jenkins told  reporters. 

The couple returned to New York after the ceremony, secluding themselves in a room at the Waldorf-Astoria and not accepting any callers.

Crawford had previously been married to Douglas Fairbanks Jr. from 1929-1933. It was the first marriage for Tone.

Crawford and Tone’s romantic relationship had long been a subject of rumor and speculation leading up to their nuptials.

However, as it turns out, their marriage would not be long-lasting. In typical Hollywood fashion, by 1939 Crawford and Tone were divorced.

The starlet would, of course, become a bride twice more. She was married to Phillip Terry from 1942-1946 and then to Alfred Steele from 1955 until his death in 1959.

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