8 Little Known Laws Of Karma (That Will Completely Change Your Life)

A couple weeks ago, my five year old niece asked me what Karma is. I told her that life is like a box. When you do something good, you put a good thing in the box. When you do something bad, you put a bad thing in the box. The same goes for neutral things. Karma is the force of the universe that deals you things from the box. So the more good things you put in the box, the more likely it is karma will deal you something good out of the box.

It’s a sensible explanation for a young girl, but Karma itself is an intricate, complex thing that reacts very specifically to our actions. There are 8 lesser known laws of Karma that I’m about to explain. If you take them to heart, you will profoundly change yourself and your world.


1. The law of humility.

The law of humility states that if you won’t ever change anything if you refuse to accept it. If we see our opposition as an enemy then we are simply not focused on our higher level of existence and will make no meaningful progress.

2. The law of creation.

The law of creation states that life doesn’t simply happen, but that it requires your participation. That which surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state. Truly, we are the universe. The takeaway is to be yourself and surround yourself with what you want in life.

3. The law of growth.

The law of growth states that if you want your spirit to grow, we must change, not the people and things around us. The fertilizer for our spirits to grow is within us, not outside of us. When we change our hearts, we change our worlds.

4. The law of responsibility.

The law of responsibility states that if there’s something wrong in your life, there’s something actually wrong with you. What surrounds us mirrors us, and we mirror what’s around us. So in the end, to change yourself, you have to change yourself. Makes sense, right? You have to take responsibility for yourself.

5. The law of connection.

The law of connection states that even if two things seem like they aren’t connect, it’s not the case. Everything in the universe is connected. The left foot taking a step is connected to the right foot taking the next step. Equally, past, present, and future are all connected.

6. The law of giving.

The law of giving states that in life, when you give, you get. If you hoard and miser your way through this world, if you keep your arms crossed and your doors locked, doors you’d like to unlock never will. If you want an open, free, and beautiful world, you have to make it so.

7. The law of focus.


The law of focus states that you can’t think of two things at once. Indeed, science backs it up, noting that you can only think about one and a half things at once. This is what allows us to converse. You are listening to the person thinking, and then your half thought is what you think as they’re speaking. Makes sense to spend a little time thinking before you speak, doesn’t it?

8. The law of presence.

The law of presence states that while it’s important to look to the past to understand where we’re going, it’s equally important to exist in the present and not be too concerned about the future.

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