5 Times Floyd Mayweather Flaunted His Bling Publicly

1. Necklace Bling Read 


We assumed Floyd owned some very manly, gangsta rapper bling, but we didn’t know how much.

2. Money Clip Read


This famous image made it viral around social media, after Floyd wrapped a wad of his cash with his iPod earphones, along with the caption “money is music to my ears.”

3. A Big Deposit 


When most people go to the bank, they try to put a few bucks in their saving account for a rainy day. Not Floyd, as when he visits the bank it usually involves large amounts of cash deposits. Like this example when he was quick to show off again on social media, having deposited a massive $1.2 million in his personal account.

4. Luxury Car Collection


Floyd sits almost humbly on the ground, gazing at his luxury white car collection, probably wondering which one to drive home. He also has a similar collection, all in black!

5. Impulsive Shoe Shopping


We aren’t sure if Floyd should have publish this but he did. In what many people would call a “female act” Floyd apparently woke at 1 a.m. one night, and went out and bought these 12 pairs of shoes!