14 DIY Weekend Projects for your Yard

With spring coming upon us, we’re all trying to find good excuses to get out in the yard and enjoy that warm weather! While relaxing and lying around is nice and fun, sometimes it’s good to get some hard work in and be productive. Here are some great weekend projects you can work on to get your yard looking great!
Potting Bench
Not only does this project act great as a decorative piece, but it’s also completely practical! Build a potting bench and use it through the rest of spring and summer to work on all the plants and flowers you’ll be sure to have!
As the nights get warmer, we tend to spend more time outside. Don’t stay in the dark! Take advantage of the afternoon sun and take some time to install outdoor lighting. Whether it be simple lawn lights or overhead patio lights, this idea is great to extend the amount of time you and your guests can stay outside.
Grill Station
There’s nothing worse than grilling and constantly having to go back inside to get supplies and food. Keep it all together in one handy place with a DIY grill station. Build it in a weekend and store all your grilling gear so there’s no more hustle and bustle!
Believe it or not, a simple set of shutters is a great way to add some flavor to your house. Choose paint that complements the furniture and color of your home so that it can all tie together. Just remember that simple, bold colors do it best
This is a pretty easy weekend project that can really take your yard to the next level. Arbors are great for decoration, pictures, and even just adding depth to the garden. Arrange some plants around it to make it look even more natural and rustic.
Don’t settle for sitting on the ground; take a few days and make yourself a nice resting chair! There are tons of options and styles to choose from, so let your imagination and creativity run wild!
Fire Pit
Like chairs, there are tons of designs and choices for fire pits that you can put in your backyard. Do some studying, find a style you like, and then get going on this great weekend project!
Planters can really take an average and ordinary garden and make it come alive with color. Or you can make some planters for your windows or just as decoration on your patio. Buy some wood, get some paint, and go to town on as many planters as your heart desires!
Beverage Cart
Don’t worry about having to go inside whenever you want a drink or having to lug a whole cooler around; make an attractive beverage cart in no time that can be decorative and practical. Make it as simple or complex as you want with layers, colors, and textures.
Simple Deck


I bet you didn’t know you could make a whole deck in one weekend, but you can! It may not be a huge and fancy one, but you can definitely make a simple yet stylish deck for all your backyard get-togethers. With some furniture and a few decorations, you can turn your newly made deck into the talk of the town.
Snapped Patio
Here’s another idea to get a patio area in your backyard. A snapped patio gives off a nice rustic feel without taking up too much time or money. It’s also a great option for any garden area that you want to remain natural while still sprucing it up
Compost Bin
With just a few supplies and a few hours, you can get an incredibly useful compost bin for your backyard. There are numerous ways to go about making one, and they’re all relatively just as effective as the next. Choose the size and design you want and then get to work!
Tool Shed
Don’t just throw your tools and gardening supplies in a bucket or on the ground; take the weekend to make a home for them without too much time or effort. This idea will both add organization and eye appeal to your yard!
Tree Swing
Everybody loves a tree swing! There are tons of options that require only a rope and nearly any material you can sit on. Grab whatever you want, throw a rope around a branch, and hang that seat up! Watch how kids, teens, and even adults enjoy the tree swing whenever they’re in your backyard!